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Your wings are strong, but sometimes you prefer to float on a rising current of hot air.

Benjamin Franklin wanted America's national symbol to be the turkey, and we can all appreciate the symbolism of a top-of-the-food-chain raptor winning out over a wily, forest-dwelling game bird. But what symbolic meaning is attached to those other Eagles, who can rightfully lay claim to being America's national musical symbol? Objectively, the Eagles are the most popular American rock band of all time, having sold more total albums than any American pop group and more copies of Their Greatest Hits (1971-1975) than any album in American history. But what does this signify? There are those who might say that the victory of the Eagles is really a case of the turkeys having won out in the end -- of mainstream America affirming once and for all its preference for white meat over red, for the mild over the gamy. Popstrologists, for their part, refrain from making such judgments, but even they cannot help but note that your Birthstar, like the turkey, was a creature whose ancestral ties to a wilder past became obscured over time as it grew to reflect the American fondness for easy digestibility. The Eagles produced a brand of music that was both easy to digest and compatible with Whitebread, but there can be no question that they belong in spirit to the constellation Mustache Rock, even though they brought that constellation far closer to Lite & White than its early fans would ever have thought possible. You may not set out to swim in the mainstream, child of the Eagles, but you never know where the currents will take you.
Best Of My Love  Feb 23-Mar 1, 1975
One Of These Nights  Jul 27-Aug 2, 1975
New Kid In Town  Feb 20-26, 1977
Hotel California  May 1-7, 1977
Heartache Tonight  Nov 4-10, 1979
Alex Rodriguez (7/27/75) and Jesse Camp (11/4/79) are children of the Eagles.

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